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How to create favorite maps and sets ?

When using various maps and layers at the same time, changing from configurations to configurations can be rapidly annoying. The favorite maps and sets feature allows you to save map configurations and retrieve them in two clicks.

How to create a favorite configuration ?

  • Display any maps, maps as layers or layers. If needed, change the opacity of your maps;
  • Click on the “Maps & layers menu item and select the “Displayed maps entry;
  • Scroll down the displayed maps and layers list, and click on the “Save as favorite set button;
  • Optionally, choose a name for your set , and press “Ok.

A toast message indicates that the configuration as been correctly saved.


How to retrieve a favorite configuration ?

Once you have created a favorite configuration, a new category is added in the “Maps & layers” sub-menu, listing your configurations.

To select a configuration, simply click on it . All contained maps and layers are displayed, with all opacities restored.


How to rename or delete a favorite configuration ?

From the “Maps” sub-menu, press and hold any favorite configuration to display its contextual menu.


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