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Following paths

By following a path, you indicate to the application what is currently planned, so it can:

  • Compute and display information on what's remaining;
  • Automatically target a forward location on the path so you get a direction;
  • Warn you if you are going too far away from the path.

How to follow a path?

  • Display a path on the map (you can use any previously recorded or downloaded track, or simply manually draw one);
  • Click anywhere on it and select its name ;
  • Select Follow path .

The follow path options dialog is displayed.

  • If you plan to follow the path in the opposite order it was recorded or created, check the Reverse order option;
  • If the path is looping and you plan to follow more than one loop, check the Loop option;
  • If desired, you can change the distance of the automatically targeted forward location on the path ;
  • If you want to be notified if you're going too far away from the path, check the Warn option and select the distance at which you wand to be notified (see details below);
  • Click on Ok to validate the options.


As soon as you follow a new path, the GPS Position is turned on and a side panel is displayed providing information like:

  • The name of the followed path, it's total length and positive altitude gain ;
  • The remaining length and gain from until the end of the track, from your current location, the estimated time of arrival at the end of the path (ETA), and the estimated remaining moving time .

In order to compute the remaining distance on the path, the application uses as the start point the closest location on the path from the screen center. Be sure to have this center location locked on your current GPS location in order to use this last one.

The ETA is computed using the remaining distance on the path and your instant GPS speed, or the mean speed of your last moves if available.

You can click on the button to get more information on the what as been done on the path and what is remaining, as shown in the window . You can also click on the button to update the follow path options, or cancel it.

The follow path won't stop if you close the follow path side panel. To display it again, setup the follow path again.

On the map, you current location is displayed (when retrieved from the GPS), and a forward location on the path is automatically targeted which will change depending on the center location. The distance, direction and elevation difference (if available) to the target is displayed in the target information box .


Notification signals when going too far from the path

If you check the Warn option when setting up a followed path, and the GPS Position is available, the application will start a background process that will notify you if you go too far from the path by playing sounds.

The GPS Position must available and turned on to activate this feature. You can completely close the application while using this feature, sounds will still be played. Be careful to leave your device access the open sky so the GPS can get your location, otherwise the notifications won't work properly.

As soon as you're more far than the chosen distance, the application will play sound notifications to help you find your way without handling your device:

  • When going even more far, the application will play two (2) “wrong way” beeps;
  • When being more far that 1.5 times the chosen distance and still going more far, the application will play three (3) “wrong way” beeps;
  • When going closer to the path, the application will play one (1) “right way” beep;
  • When returning closer than the warn distance, the application will play two (2) “right way” beeps and then stop sounds.

The application repeats the sounds approximately every 5 seconds.

How to modify or cancel the path following?

To change the path following options, just select again Follow path on the same path. You can also click on the Edit button in the follow path side panel (see above).

To cancel the path following, select the followed path, click on its name and select the Remove target menu item. You can also display the follow path options dialog and click on the Remove button.


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