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Online Purchase

For users that don't have access to the Google Play Store, to paid applications or don't want to use Google Checkout, it's possible to buy the full version on-line using Paypal.

The AlpineQuest Online Edition allows you to download a Lite-like version from our website and upgrade it to a Full-like version without using the Google Play store.

Updates are not automated. Although all updates are included in the price when you buy the application, you will need to download each new version manually from our website;

How to proceed?

  1. Download and test the last version of AlpineQuest Online Edition on your device before buying it. Get it from here. Be sure the application is correctly working on your device;
  2. Click on the Buy Now button below. You will be redirected to PayPal. Log in and confirm the purchase if you have a PayPal account or just fill the payment form if you haven't;
  3. PayPal will send you a confirmation email to the email address you have entered in your PayPal account or payment form;
  4. Enter this e-mail address in the AlpineQuest Online Edition registration form to activate your copy, as explained below.

Price: 6.99€

If you have any trouble with the process, contact us at:

Note that we do NOT send any registration key, your PayPal e-mail address is used as the key. Please read instructions below.

How to activate your Online AlpineQuest version?

Once you have ordered your activation on the website, you can activate your AlpineQuest copy using your PayPal e-mail address (we do not send any activation key).

Note that it can take some time between the PayPal purchase and the time you can activate your copy, however this delay is usually of few seconds.

Start your Online version of AlpineQuest.

Click on the main menu button and select the “More” item .

Select the “Activation” item (if this item is missing, it means that you are already using a paid version).

Enter your PayPal e-mail address (no spaces, no carriage returns, no quotes) in the text field and click on the “Activate” button . The application will check the registration status on line.

Once the status is available, it is displayed in the window .

Click on the “Return” button to close the registration window.

When you update the application to a newer version, you will need to activate the application again. Use use the “Update” button to update the status.

Note: If you get the error message “Locked by another device”, it means that your e-mail address has already been used to activate another device (or another Android version) during the last week. You have to wait at least one week to be able to activate another device.

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