Screen remaining on, Select and save an area

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Screen remaining on, Select and save an area

Post by hamish » Sat Apr 17, 2021 6:27 am

Select and save an area, the screen remains on even though "Screen always on" isn't selected on the settings menu.

I set an area to save last night (when I went to bed) from a slow source, when I got up this morning, imagine my surprise when I found the screen was still on, luckily the tablet was connected to the charger. The screen stays on whether the tablet is charging or not, which could really drain the battery.

I can also see how keeping the screen on could be useful, in that after the screen has gone off, android (at least on my device) tends to disconnect the wifi, which stops the select and save process.

AlpineQuest 2.2.8c.r6940. Android 9. Huawei MediaPad M5 lite 8.

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Re: Screen remaining on, Select and save an area

Post by Psyberia-Support » Sat Apr 17, 2021 1:32 pm

Yes, this is the intended behavior since version 2.2.8. Sorry that it was not advertised.
As you pointed out, most device will stop internet and even running apps when the screen is off for a long time.
This is why the screen is now kept on when progress bars are displayed (storing maps, import maps, placemarks, etc.).
You can either turn off the screen manually or disable this feature using this user setting:

Code: Select all

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