Maps for the Alps

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Maps for the Alps

Post by FFa » Mon Jan 18, 2016 12:22 pm

I think those maps would be great for people hiking in Austria:
- Bergfex ÖK50:{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg

- Slope inclination (European Alps): :D
"http://s{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png" (s from 0 to 3)

Many thanks!

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Re: Maps for the Alps

Post by Psyberia-Support » Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:56 pm

Hi and thanks for your suggestion.
Unfortunately both maps have been removed from the app following a request from the owners...
If you use AlpineQuest, you can still configure your own map file, for the OfflineMaps app, it's here.
Best regards
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