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offline map

Post by Patrick » Sat Jul 25, 2015 7:18 pm

Hi, I bought AQ and had some very basic questions (I couldn't find a guide for these, please refer me to one if available)
1. Can I download specific USGS maps by name, for offline use?

2. How can I jump to a specific map I stored that is far away?

Our need (I think it's common) is to know exact location when off trail, back country, no cell, just
GPS. Don't want waypoints (tracking would kill battery.) I think location works, does it always show the blue location dot if GPS is on?

I went to Explore Maps, chose USGS Topo Scan, browsed to, selected and stored small needed area (good AQ Store instructions but so many map options and details, don't know what a tile is, I guessed topo scan best. Tried MOBAC but use unclear, huge area, no guide to best settings, ended up with a huge lo res map.)

A minor issue, if I'm in NC and want to look at a stored WA map, how do I get to it without scrolling across country? It would be nice to have a list of offline maps. I tried the recursive search of SD, /, etc but nothing showed. Looks like AQ has some great features for cartographers but a bit too advanced for my needs, ability and phone. Thanks for any simplification,

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Re: offline map

Post by Psyberia-Support » Sun Jul 26, 2015 11:31 am

Hi and thanks for your support and interest in this application.

First, I'd like to distinguish "map" and "area".

The application can display various online "maps" (like Google Maps, USGS topo, etc).
For all maps, you can save some "aeras" for offline use. As much as you want for any map. But the application doesn't create maps. If you want "file based" maps like you seems to be used to, you'll need to use MOBAC (quick help here). When you select a map like this, the application will move over the area covered by this map.

Now, when you use the "Store area" feature within the application, it will save the selected area of the displayed online map (like "USGS topo"), but it won't be a physical map, all the data is saved in a storage for this map, where all saved areas are added. This storage will grow as you save new data, overlapped areas won't be downloaded twice. In this way, you don't have to manage your maps, and you can extends stored areas like you want.

If you're afraid of forgetting an area you've stored, you can create a waypoint in the middle of the area (no need to use the GPS, just click on the map center and click on "Waypoint").

Finally, to answer more specifically to your questions:
1. I'm not sure to clearly understand what you mean, but yes you can save any area of any maps (including USGS ones) for offline use.
2. Create a waypoint over the stored area, so selecting the waypoint will make you jump over this area. Alternatively create a map with mobac, selecting it will make you jump over it.

Also, yes the tracking will use you battery, because it requires your GPS to be on all the time, you can create and select waypoints without using the GPS at all.
And if you want to move quickly from locations to locations, then again use waypoints to mark those location. You'll have the list of your waypoints in the "Landmarks explorer".

Hope it helps
Best regards
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