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 [[en:​help:​v2:​maps:​file-based-select|How to use file-based maps?]]\\ [[en:​help:​v2:​maps:​file-based-select|How to use file-based maps?]]\\
 [[en:​help:​aqm|How to create file-based maps for the application?​]]\\ [[en:​help:​aqm|How to create file-based maps for the application?​]]\\
-[[en:​help:​v2:​maps:​file-based-import-kmz#​how_to_import_kmlkmz_overlays|How to import KML/KMZ map overlays?]]+[[en:​help:​v2:​maps:​file-based-import-kmz#​how_to_import_kmlkmz_overlays|How to import KML/KMZ map overlays?]]\\ 
 +[[en:​help:​v2:​maps:​file-based-calibrate#​how_to_calibrate_an_image_to_use_it_as_a_map|How to calibrate an image to use it as a map?]]\\

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