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 <​sub>​[[en:​help|Online Help]] > [[en:​help:​v2|AlpineQuest 2.x]] > [[en:​help:​v2:​maps|Maps & Layers]]</​sub>​ <​sub>​[[en:​help|Online Help]] > [[en:​help:​v2|AlpineQuest 2.x]] > [[en:​help:​v2:​maps|Maps & Layers]]</​sub>​
-====== How to create favorite maps and sets ? ====== 
-When using various maps and layers at the same time, changing from configurations ​to configurations can be rapidly annoying. The favorite maps and sets feature ​allows you to save map configurations ​and retrieve them in two clicks.+====== How to create ​favorite maps and sets? ====== 
 +The application ​allows you to save the configuration settings of displayed maps and layers ​in a favorite set, in order to restore it quickly when needed. The settings include the order of maps and layers, their [[en:​help:​v2:​maps:​change-opacity#​how_to_modify_the_opacity_of_a_map_or_layer|opacity]],​ [[en:​help:​v2:​maps:​change-color#​how_to_modify_the_contrast_and_saturation_of_a_map_or_a_layer 
 +|contrast]],​ [[en:​help:​v2:​maps:​change-color#​how_to_modify_the_contrast_and_saturation_of_a_map_or_a_layer 
 +|saturation]] and [[en:​help:​v2:​maps:​erase-color#​how_to_erase_a_color_from_a_map|erased color]].
-===== How to create a favorite configuration ? =====+===== How to create a favorite configuration?​ ===== 
 +To create a favorite map or set: 
 +  * Click on the ''"​**Maps & layers**"''​ menu {{:​icon_01.png?​nolink}};​ 
 +  * Click on the ''"​**Save as favorite set**"''​ icon {{:​icon_02.png?​nolink}};​ 
 +  * Optionally, choose a name for your set {{:​icon_05.png?​nolink}},​ and click on ''"​**Ok**"''​ {{:​icon_06.png?​nolink}}.
-  * Display any maps, maps as layers ​or layers. If needed, change ​the opacity of your maps; +You can also create a favorite map or set from the displayed ​maps list: 
-  * Click on the "''​**Maps & layers**''​" ​{{:​icon_01.png?​nolink}} ​menu item and select ​the "''​**Displayed maps**''​" ​{{:icon_02.png?​nolink}} ​entry+  * Click on the ''​"**Maps & layers**"''​ {{:​icon_01.png?​nolink}} and select ''​"**Displayed maps**"''​ {{:icon_03.png?​nolink}};​ 
-  * Scroll down the displayed maps and layers list, and click on the "''​**Save as favorite set**''​" ​{{:icon_03.png?​nolink}} ​button+  * Click on the ''​"**Save as favorite set**"'' ​button ​{{:icon_04.png?​nolink}};​ 
-  * Optionally, choose a name for your set {{:icon_04.png?​nolink}},​ and press "''​**Ok**''​" ​{{:icon_05.png?​nolink}}.+  * Optionally, choose a name for your set {{:icon_05.png?​nolink}},​ and click on ''​"**Ok**"''​ {{:icon_06.png?​nolink}}.
-A toast message ​{{:icon_06.png?​nolink}} ​indicates that the configuration as been correctly saved.+{{ :en:​help:​v2:​maps:​favorite-create.jpg?nolink }}
-{{ :​en:​help:​1.4:​maps:​favorite-sets-create.jpg?​nolink }}+\\
 +===== How to display or edit a favorite configuration?​ =====
 +Favorite configurations are displayed in the ''"​**Maps & layers**"''​ menu, under the ''"​**Favorite maps & sets**"''​ section. To display a saved favorite configuration:​
 +  * Click on the ''"​**Maps & layers**"''​ menu {{:​icon_01.png?​nolink}};​
 +  * Click on the favorite configuration preview to display {{:​icon_02.png?​nolink}}.
-===== How to retrieve ​a favorite configuration ? =====+{{:​icon_help.png?​nolink}} To rename or delete ​a favorite configuration, long-press it {{:​icon_03.png?​nolink}} to display it's options menu {{:​icon_04.png?nolink}}.
-Once you have created a favorite configuration,​ a new category {{:​icon_07.png?​nolink}} is added in the "''​**Maps & layers**''"​ sub-menu, listing your configurations. +{{ :en:help:v2:​maps:​favorite-select.jpg?​nolink }}
- +
-To select a configuration,​ simply click on it {{:​icon_08.png?​nolink}}. All contained maps and layers are displayed, with all opacities restored. +
- +
-{{ :en:help:1.4:​maps:​favorite-sets-select.jpg?nolink }} +
- +
- +
-===== How to rename or delete a favorite configuration ? ===== +
- +
-From the "''​**Maps**''"​ sub-menu, press and hold any favorite configuration to display its contextual menu. +
- +
-{{ :​en:​help:​1.4:​maps:​favorite-sets-edit.jpg?nolink }}+

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