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Announcing AlpineQuest 2.3.7

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2023 9:47 am
by Psyberia-Support
AlpineQuest 2.3.7 is available.

List of changes:
  • Added ability to set custom items in the map center point popup menu (more details here);
  • Added new “Quick-routing” (quick auto-routing) that skip the creation dialog;
  • Added new recorded tracks graphics by months (if only one year is selected) and by activities (more details here);
  • When using the BRouter offline auto-routing service, a real-time preview of the computed route is displayed as the map is moved (more details here);
  • Various improvements (#18828, #17270) and bug fixes.
Get it from Google Play now!

For devices that don't have access to Google Play, it's still possible to get the application from our website: click here for more details.

Thanks to all AlpineQuest users.