GPS problem with Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite

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GPS problem with Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite

Post by sergio_girard » Mon Aug 30, 2021 2:20 pm


there is a problem on Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite.
When alpinequest is running with display On it works very well.
Instead when display is Off there is a problem with GPS: alpinequest loses the gps information and when I reactivate the display the app emits the lost gps signal sound and the track is therefore all wrong.
I removed the screensaver and granted alpinequest all the necessary permissions but the app only works with the display On
Android version 11 and user interface MIUI 12.5.3

Have you already seen this problem?


Bests regards

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Re: GPS problem with Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite

Post by Psyberia-Support » Mon Aug 30, 2021 4:02 pm

Hi Sergio,
If AQ looses the GPS signal when the screen is off, it simply means the system has turned off the GPS.
Be sure to turn off battery optimisations (halting the GPS is the first thing done by the system), for the GPS and for the app.
Here are some tips, especially for Xiaomi devices: ... turned_off
Note that there is not a single device I know on which it's not possible to turn off those optimisations (For info, I've 2 Xiami test devices; the Pocophone F1 and the Redmi Note 10, and background tracking does work fine).
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