Map loading problem

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Map loading problem

Post by geobax » Wed Jun 09, 2021 6:07 pm

I have acquired alpinequest 2.2.8C, loaded onto a Galaxy Android tablet running v 7.1.1. I am unable to download USGS topo maps using the "Select and save an area" function.
Storage is set to an internal micro SD card; it is new, and I have already tried reformatting it.
I am able to write onto the SD card in other apps. I have also been able to import a list of waypoints in ldk format. These waypoints will plot on Alpinequest, presumably from the cached map file, when I click on the file in the SD card.
When I Select and save an area (USGS map from alpinequest menu), the app will download the file and report "successfully completed".
When I try to retrieve the map from the SD Card under "File based maps", the menu says "This storage is not writeable", even though there is an "Android" folder on it with the subfolder data/psyberia.alpinequest.full/files/ and 5 subfolders including datastore, icons, landmarks, logs, and maps. My saved landmarks are in the landmark folder, but the icons, logs, and maps folders are all empty.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Map loading problem

Post by Psyberia-Support » Mon Jun 14, 2021 7:52 am

There is a confusion between "Store an area" and "File based maps".
When you store an area, it does not create a file based maps. It stores the area you've selected in the local datastore, which is then used when the same area is displayed again.
All stored areas of one map are merged together, and no duplicate data is downloaded if you download if you store overlapping areas.

File based maps are pre-made maps you can purchase/download/create from a pc: ... sed-select
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