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Posted: Wed Aug 25, 2021 1:29 pm
by alexlong
Hi, François.
I send a question (suggestion) from a 4pda forum user.
There is a suggestion for improvement. Is it possible to use "Create a placemark → measure" to give a result with tenths (or better hundredths) of a meter? That is, with centimeter-decimeter accuracy. Or at least the ability to change the accuracy at the user's request (probably in user settings).
In some cases I need to make a measurement. For example, a need a measurement from the corner of the house to the road, or to the communication from the scheme that I uploaded to AlpineQuest. Or find out the distance on my own scheme loaded in AlpineQuest from power lines, fences, and other characteristic points, to other objects in the drawing.
This will not be in great demand, mainly for topographers and surveyors it may be useful.
The original message is here → ... =101527658 (for registered users only)

Re: Measure

Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2021 1:50 pm
by Psyberia-Support
Hi Alex,
Right now decimals are only displayed for distances less than 10 meters.
But I can add an user setting to change this, and also one for the number of decimals.