Feature improvement: Small enhancements for simplifying route editing

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Feature improvement: Small enhancements for simplifying route editing

Post by Pascal5 » Sat Apr 20, 2019 4:35 pm

Thank you for your wonderful work on this piece of software that manages a very good balance between features and useage simplicity!

Yet, upon extensive real-life use, I think there are a few tweaks that could greatly enhance editing of route waypoints, which could certainly be easily implemented without requiring any major rework of the software and interface.

1. Currently, in Edit Points mode, there are two buttons at the screen bottom: "Waypoint" and "Delete". I would like a third button to be added: "Edit Here", which moves the editing point to the segment nearest to the cursor (as done currently by clicking on the route and select the "Insert Here" popup, which is a cumbersome procedure given the number of times this is used). This change would make extensive route tweaking and editing way more practical.

2. In Edit Points mode, when pressing "Delete", it is unclear which of the two points is going to be deleted. Actually this seems to depend on the route orientation, independently to the position of the cursor. It would be nice that the point *nearest* to the cursor gets deleted. It would be also nice to have a small visual highlight on that point to lift any ambiguity.

3. In Edit Points mode, when pressing "Waypoint" for inserting a point in a segment, it would be nice that the *longest* segment adjacent to the inserted point then becomes the currently edited segment. This is, in my opinion, the most natural behavior expected when inserting multiple points for refining a route, regardless to the route orientation. (And use (1) if necessary).

One purpose of (2) and (3) is to make the interface behavior totally independent from the route orientation.

4. Why not add a "Move" button which, instead of deleting a point, moves it to the current cursor position? Definitely useful for correcting a misplaced point in the route. Or, if (2) and (3) are implemented correctly, One could just press successively "Delete" and "Waypoint" to get the same result.


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Re: Feature improvement: Small enhancements for simplifying route editing

Post by Psyberia-Support » Fri May 17, 2019 10:24 am

Hi Pascal and sorry for the delay.
Thanks for those suggestions.

There is work to do in the route edition tool. There are various things planned.
I don't know when I'll time to do it but I've added this post to the wanted features list. I need to think about and test the "nearest" and "longest" options before making changes that will affect everyone.

For the next update, I've improved point 2.
Yes, the "Delete" button will delete locations backward following the route orientation. This is the opposite action to (add) "Waypoint" which goes forward.
You're right that which location was the backward one is unclear. I tried to make it more clear by using a thicker line to points it. I wanted to add arrows to show the route orientation but there Android has some display problems in this case so I want to avoid them for now.
But I kept the previous behavior: points are still deleted backward. I tried deleting the nearest point but I find the result more disturbing. If you use the delete button multiple times, it will delete both forward and backward locations (the nearest point is likely to be one time forward and the next time backward) and it increase this feeling of not knowing which one will be deleted...

But I'll make more tests...
Best regards
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Re: Feature improvement: Small enhancements for simplifying route editing

Post by Suntalla » Tue Jun 29, 2021 5:32 pm

Is it possible when editing to do a bit of colour coding. The track you want to edit changes colour. The part you cannot work on is green. You have to move the cursor to make this possible. The part you can work on is red. The work you can do on it is prepare it for deleting wich changes the colour to yellow. This has a reverse option wich solves boowoos undo-button problem.
In the end when the edditing is done press delete and all that is yellow is deleted.
Only hoping this is not a lot of work to build and easy for all users as well.
Friendly greetings

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