Label display in popup windows

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Label display in popup windows

Post by alexlong » Sun Mar 17, 2019 2:37 pm

I would like to propose a feature to display a placemark name on the screen as a popup window. Now a popup window appears after pressing on a placemark and disappears later. I propose to set an option to see this popup window any time for every placemark. The idea is to make a separate option in the placemark properties called for example Display name or Display in popup window or a kind of this with a check and uncheck option to set this popup window displayed or undisplayed on the screen. I think this option can be very useful as it is, especially when users do not allow to display placemark labels (PLACEMARKS → Options → Placemark labels check/uncheck) but they need to see several labels (i.e finish or some other place) on the screen. A popup window is better for comprehension and it is very well seen on the map. Every user can set popups for any placemark he needs from the variety of placemarks actually displayed on the screen as usuall blue circles of even icons.
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My discussion on Russian 4pda forum is here → Popup labels
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Re: Label display in popup windows

Post by Psyberia-Support » Thu Apr 04, 2019 7:41 pm

Hi Alex and thanks for this suggestion.
I think I can add an option to force display a point/placemark name even if the users have disabled the display of all placemarks name. The current popup is quite big (and right now there is a technical limitation that only one can be displayed at a time), but I can make the name displayed at least.
I'll update the placemark menu and details (will be merged together), I'll try to include this option at that time.
I'll try to do it for next update but maybe it will be for the following one.
Best regards
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