[done] Dual Function Mini-Compass

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[done] Dual Function Mini-Compass

Post by Yemble » Thu May 02, 2013 8:45 am

I'm not a great fan of the large compass screen, although I can see that it might be useful for orienteering. However, I would like to see an option to enable an alternative mini-compass displayed as a small circle in the top-right hand corner of the screen, of a similar size to the one in ViewRanger.

It would be nice if this could be toggled with a tap, between compass mode and waypoint mode. Waypoint mode would point in the direction of the next waypoint as dictated by the Target mode - or default to nearest waypoint if target mode has not been set.

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Re: Dual Function Mini-Compass

Post by Psyberia-Support » Wed May 08, 2013 10:14 am

Having a dual display could be a good idea.
First AQ versions had a compass displayed in a small box on the map which has been replaced by a bigger compass drawn on the map. Maybe it can be added back in a better way.
I'll think about this feature.
I have updated the wanted features list so I don't forget anything (list starts to be large...).
Thanks for your feedback
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