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Announcing AlpineQuest 2.2.1

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:32 pm
by Psyberia-Support
AlpineQuest 2.2.1 is available.

List of changes:
  • Added ability to resize the Explorer mode information panel (vertical mode only);
  • Added an improved edit mode for the Explorer information fields;
  • Added display of pace in addition to speed in tracks information;
  • Added ability to force update an on-demand map data (Maps menu → Displayed maps → long press a map → Force update data);
  • Added ability to lock and un-lock the map (from touch-events) by long-pressing the volume (-) button;
  • Added a setting to completely disable the map pitching (perspective view);
  • Improved zoom controls and long-press actions settings;
  • Make warning sounds less repeated when following paths;
  • Various improvements and bug fixes.
Get it from Google Play now!

For devices that don't have access to Google Play, it's still possible to get the application from our website: click here for more details.

Thanks to all AlpineQuest users.