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-====== Custom waypoint icons ====== 
-AlpineQuest has the ability to use custom icons for waypoints. 
-Icons must be placed in the "​**''​icons/''​**"​ sub-folder of AlpineQuest'​s main folder (so usually "​**''/​sdcard/​alpinequest/​icons/''​**"​),​ and must meet the following requirements:​ 
-  * **Maximum file size**: 100KB; 
-  * **Image format**: PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP. Alpha channel supported; 
-  * **Image dimension**:​ 32px × 32px recommended. 
-Then, icons can be selected from AlpineQuest like any other icons: 
-  * Create a new waypoint; 
-  * Click on the "​**''​Icon''​**"​ button {{:​icon_01.png?​nolink}};​ 
-  * You should see a new "​**''​Custom''​**"​ category {{:​icon_02.png?​nolink}};​ 
-  * Select your icon {{:​icon_03.png?​nolink}};​ 
-  * Save the waypoint {{:​icon_04.png?​nolink}};​ 
-You should now see your waypoint with the custom icon (64px × 64px used in this example). 
-{{ :​en:​help:​1.4:​landmarks_custom-icons.jpg?​nolink |}} 

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