[closed] Map Offset?

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[closed] Map Offset?

Post by Wulfenia » Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:08 pm

I often find that my position – as calculated by AlpineQuest using Outdoor GPS – is consistently few meters away from where I actually am. This amount of error is of course unimportant when recording or following a track, especially since the calculated GPS position will waver a certain amount anyway.

Even so, it would be nice – and slightly helpful – if it was possible to offset the calculated GPS position, so that it showed where I really was. Often, when looking at a recorded track, it looks as if I’ve travelled not along the path, but several meters to one side of it (or on the wrong side of a road), etc. And - for example - when in a village with a maze of small roads, it would be easier to find your way through if the GPS showed where you really are, rather than somewhere where you aren’t.

There’s a non-Android app - Maemo Mapper – which has a way of coping with this:
When your GPS receiver has an accurate fix, and if Maemo Mapper shows your current location as somewhere other than where you expect to be, simply tap-and-hold on the location on the map where you think your current location should be drawn, then select this context menu item. The correction is saved as part of your configuration (so it persists even if you restart Maemo Mapper or your device).

Maemo Mapper is referring to a ‘correction’ of some hundreds of meters. I’ve never had the need for anything like that – but have in mind an offset of a few meters (for example, +/- x meters East, +/- y meters North). ‘Map Offset’ might be a better description than Map Correction. The amount of offset needs to be displayed, and to be easily altered (or removed altogether).

Would something like this be a useful addition to AlpineQuest?

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Re: Map Offset?

Post by Psyberia-Support » Tue Oct 04, 2011 2:03 pm

Thanks for your feedback.
I never noticed something like this on my phones, the GPS seems to be quite precise (HTC Magic and Desire), but maybe that's not the case of all devices.
In version 1.2.8 there is a similar function for the orientation (ability to set offset to the north in degree), so it could be consistent to add the same thing for the geolocation.
But maybe it would be better to set this offset in degrees instead of in meters, so the offset could be added before applying the map projection.
Anyway I have added this feature in the wanted feature list.
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