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 {{:​icon_help.png?​nolink}} The application repeats the sounds approximately every 3 seconds. {{:​icon_help.png?​nolink}} The application repeats the sounds approximately every 3 seconds.
 +===== Proximity alerts troubleshooting =====
 +**If you don't see a constant notification in the Android status bar**, be sure that:
 +  * At least one proximity alert is displayed on the map;
 +  * The GPS is activated in the Android settings;
 +  * You've granted the application to use the GPS (asked when you first start the application);​
 +  * The GPS positioning is activated in the application.
 +**If you don't hear alert sounds**, be sure that:
 +  * The proximity alerts notification is displayed in the Android status bar (see above);
 +  * The notifications have not been disabled for the application (see [[https://​www.howtogeek.com/​204187/​how-to-disable-app-notifications-in-android/​|here how to disable]], be sure to do the opposite);
 +  * The notification volume is high enough. Depending on the Android version you use, it can be called "​Notification",​ "​Alerts"​ or "​Alarms"​ volume;
 +  * You're currently inside a proximity alert range, otherwise no sounds are played.

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